Saturday 23 Feb 2019

CTBL Fixtures 2018 - Saturday Afternoon Fixtures

28-Apr     9-Jun     21-Jul
West End v Middlesbrough BC     Whitehead Park v Middlesbrough BC     Coronation Cup - Semi Final
Whitehead Park v Norton     Ropner Park v West End          
Elm Tree v Synthonia Hornets     Synthonia Hornets v Synthonia Wasps     4 winners of Qtr finals  - to be advised
Jack Hatfield v Thornaby     Norton v Elm Tree          
Mbrough Cons v Synthonia Wasps     Newham Grange v Jack Hatfield     Plus any other possible rearranged league games
Newham Grange v Ropner Park     Thornaby v Mbrough Cons    
5-May     16-Jun     28-Jul
Coronation Cup - 1st Round               West End v Jack Hatfield
                    Synthonia Wasps v Norton
Thornaby v  Norton     Stuart Waites Memorial Trophy     Elm Tree v Whitehead Park
Elm Tree  v  Middlesbrough Cons             Middlesbrough BC v Ropner Park
West End v  Whitehead Park     Ropner Park 12.30 pm     Synthonia Hornets v Thornaby
plus any rearranged game from 28/04/18               Mbrough Cons v Newham Grange
12-May     23-Jun     4-Aug
Synthonia Wasps v Elm Tree     West End v Synthonia Hornets          
Ropner Park v Whitehead Park     Synthonia Wasps v Whitehead Park          
Middlesbrough BC v Jack Hatfield     Elm Tree v Thornaby     available for any rearranged games
Synthonia Hornets v Newham Grange     Jack Hatfield v Ropner Park          
Mbrough Cons v West End     Middlesbrough BC v Mbrough Cons          
Thornaby v Norton     Norton v Newham Grange          
19-May     30-Jun     11-Aug
West End v Elm Tree     Mbrough Cons v Whitehead Park     Ropner Park v Mbrough Cons
Whitehead Park v Thornaby     Synthonia Wasps v West End     Synthonia Hornets v Middlesbrough BC
Ropner Park v Synthonia Hornets     Ropner Park v Norton     Whitehead Park v Jack Hatfield
Jack Hatfield v Mbrough Cons     Middlesbrough BC v Elm Tree     Norton v West End
Norton v Middlesbrough BC     Synthonia Hornets v Jack Hatfield     Newham Grange v Elm Tree
Newham Grange v Synthonia Wasps     Thornaby v Newham Grange     Thornaby v Synthonia Wasps
26-May     7-Jul     18-Aug
Coronation Cup - Quarter Final     Whitehead Park v West End     Coronation Cup - Final
Elm Tree / Mbro Cons v  Jack Hatfield     Elm Tree v Mbrough Cons          
Thornaby / Norton v  Ropner Park     Jack Hatfield v Synthonia Wasps     Winners of Semi finals  - to be advised
West End / JWP v  Newham Grange     Norton v Synthonia Hornets          
Synthonia  v  Middlesbrough BC     Newham Grange v Middlesbrough BC     Plus any other possible rearranged league games
plus any rearranged game     Thornaby v Ropner Park    
2-Jun     14-Jul     25-Aug
West End v Newham Grange               West End v Thornaby
Synthonia Wasps v Ropner Park               Whitehead Park v Newham Grange
Elm Tree v Jack Hatfield     available for any rearranged games     Synthonia Wasps v Middlesbrough BC
Middlesbrough BC v Thornaby               Elm Tree v Ropner Park
Synthonia Hornets v Whitehead Park               Jack Hatfield v Norton
Mbrough Cons v Norton               Mbrough Cons v Synthonia Hornets
Please advise of any rearrangements         Issue 1 - DKM 01/02/2018    
All results, rearrangements and cancelled games to the C & TBL secretary -       
Derek McConnell                        
28 Highfield Crescent                    
Stockton on Tees                      
TS18 5HJ       01642-570505 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    
All games must be completed on or by Saturday 25th August.  If any or all of the schedued matches on Sat        
25th Aug are postponed then any or all of these must be played by Saturday 1st September